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Smoking Salamander’s first entry into the gaming world is Tiny Dungeon, a tabletop roleplaying game system that is short on rules, but big on roleplaying! Tiny Dungeon’s core mechanic utilizes a simple success and failure system based on a dice pool of two six-sided dice, or 2d6. Why regular six-sided dice? Well, just about everyone has some lying around. Any roll that has a five or a six is considered a success, and anything else is a failure. You may find yourself in an advantageous position, which increases your dice pool to 3d6, and thus your odds of success. However, there may also be times in which the task at hand is not in your favor, and this reduces your dice pool to 1d6.

Tiny Dungeon also does not utilize a class system or level system, making it stand out further from the other tabletop roleplaying games. Tiny Dungeon assumes you want to play a hero, and so you already are one; create your Adventurer by selecting one of five playable races, and then customize him or her with unique traits. The traditional fantasy archetypes can be recreated with ease.

Tiny Dungeon is a generic fantasy roleplaying game system and is easily customized to fit a variety of established gaming worlds and settings. The Tiny Dungeon handbook is on sale in the store, and it includes a free copy of the Print & Play Bundle with purchase. The handbook itself includes a short adventure, while the Print & Play Bundle includes two full adventures and The Creature Codex. One book is all you need for your gamemaster and players to start playing!