Website and Other Updates

The site was in dire need of some TLC, and while I’ve spent a good amount of time prettying it up a bit, it’s by no means finished. You’ll notice that I’ve incorporated two Twitter feeds on either side of the site. The left feed is the official Smoking Salamander Twitter feed, @SalamanderRPGs. To the right, we have the feed for none-other than the wily goblin, @NarskDragonbane!

Yes, poor Narsk has had quite a bit of downtime, but I’m going to start bringing him back, possibly with a daily quip. Unfortunately, the campaign which Narsk was originally part of has gone on a long hiatus, as campaigns are wont to do. Initially, it was the upcoming holidays, followed by some new commitments by some of our friends. Between babies being born and shifting of work schedules, we may not revisit that world any time soon. Thus I figure I may as well dust ol’ Narsk of and just use him for some fun.

I’ve also received another ten pounds of dice! Depicted below, these are going to be the official Smoking Salamander d6 which will eventually be on sale on the site. That is another bit of work I’m going to have to look into.

Photo Jan 02, 3 23 52 PM

Finally, I know that I have been absent from the forums. Between the job that pays the bills, working on Tiny Dungeon things, and other real life obligations, I’ve been very, very busy. I’m going to continue utilizing Kickstarter to make major announcements in respect to each particular project. If you haven’t heard any news though, don’t worry. There just may not be any news to give at the moment. Things are behind schedule for the first Tiny Dungeon project, but even so, I expect to get things out this month. One month behind the target ship date isn’t so bad, all things considered. Things should still be on track for the Meeple Kickstarter (their estimated turn-around was always around February for the company to produce them).

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post on Kickstarter, send me a tweet, or follow Smoking Salamander on Facebook and send me a message there!

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