Project Voyager Announced

I’m pleased to announce Smoking Salamander’s latest project, an online multiplayer text-based game called Project Voyager!

What is Project Voyager? Well, some time in the not-too-distant future, a company called GalaxTech Surveying Inc. has developed a very special, mass-produced space probe, called the VE-084A Voyager, named after the first probe to leave our solar system. What’s so special about this probe? Well, it allows an approved end-user to remotely access and control the probe via a computer system, sending and receiving text commands instantaneously thanks to advances in quantum nonlocality communication. This is rather important because the probe is equipped with GalaxTech’s Quantum Planck Energy Slipdrive Mk II, which allows the probe to traverse the galaxy at speeds of up to ten lightyears per second.

Project Voyager is being designed as a casual gaming experience. There are currently a variety of clients that you can download to connect to the game, ranging from PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You also won’t be alone! You can connect and play any time, and others playing will also be connected that you will be able to chat with, compete against, or work with.

Look for more updates as things progress!


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