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Gallant Knight Games, Tiny Dungeon’s Future

Today I closed a deal with Gallant Knight Games, makers of Tiny Frontier, whom I’ve partnered with previously. Gallant Knight Games has acquired the Tiny Dungeon ruleset, rebranding it as TinyD6.

Owner of Gallant Knight Games, Alan Bahr, had this to say:

Tiny Dungeon really captivated me when I received it, and I was proud to use it as a launching pad for the first GKG product. I love the minimalist ruleset, and am excited to bring Brandon McFadden’s excellent creation and streamlined minimalist game in house where we can use it as a launching point for whole new games!

Smoking Salamander will continue to own the original rights to Tiny Dungeon, which will be known as Tiny Dungeon Classic, and this will remain in print through Smoking Salamander.

Going forward, Gallant Knight Games promises to expand on Tiny Dungeon with a second edition ruleset, along with other fantastic games. As creator of Tiny Dungeon, I was incredibly pleased with how Gallant Knight Games utilized the ruleset for Tiny Frontiers, and I am happy knowing that they will breathe new life into Tiny Dungeon and the new TinyD6 ruleset.